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Troma update

1) For all NYC-area Tromites:
Two midnight screenings of Lloyd Kaufman's early film SUGAR COOKIES, starring Mary Woronov and Lynn Lowry, at the IFC center March 31 and April 1. Info here: MEN WILL BE SHOCKED, WOMEN WILL UNDERSTAND!

2) James Gunn and Jenna Fischer's LOLLILOVE now in stores. The mockumentary starring SLITHER director and Troma alum James Gunn and his wife Jenna Fischer (of NBC's THE OFFICE) is available on DVD, loaded with extras, including exclusive footage from the set of SLITHER. Become LOLLILOVE's Myspace friend at

Heck, while you're at it, become Troma Team Video's friend at

3) 2006 is the year of director Giuseppe Andrews in Tromaville. Following the release of Andrews's TRAILER TOWN and short film DRIBBLE (on the Best of Tromadance, vol. 3 DVD) in '04 and '05, Troma is set to release a slew of Andrews films in 2006.
January saw the release of TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING (check out the trailer here: ), an early film which also starred Andrews (who you may recognize from such flicks as CABIN FEVER, DETROIT ROCK CITY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, and 2001 MANIACS) as the naive manchild Coney Island, and which was accompanied by the shorts compilation AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS.
In May '06 will come PERIOD PIECE, fresh from its premiere in January at the Tromadance Film Festival ( ), coupled with the bizarro pseudo-doc JACUZZI ROOMS.
Later in the fall will probably come the long-delayed BATHROBE HOME SCHOOL BOX SET, featuring 4 or 5 of Andrews's features -- the contents are still being finalized, but two films most likely to be included are the 2002 underground festival favorite IN OUR GARDEN and the more recent piece THE DATE MOVIE.
There is a possibility that Andrews's Christmas-set film CHICORY, which he is completing now, will be released this Christmas.

4) ZOMBIEGEDDON, the long-awaited cult-film-convention favorite from Chris Watson (who produced Troma's February DVD release SLAUGHTER PARTY), is coming in July. The movie features appearances by Brinke Stevens, Tom Savini as Jesus Christ, Ron Jeremy, Joe Estevez, Lloyd Kaufman, Conrad Brooks, Robert Z'Dar, and tons more.

For further updates on Troma's new releases, check out . It's generally updated monthly, the weekend before the next batch of Troma new releases comes out.
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