Unit 731 (menbehindthesun) wrote in tromaville_inc2,
Unit 731

Troma DVDs on eBay

I'm selling a bunch of Tromas DVDs and a t-shirt on ebay, they're ending tonight and tomorrow...

Citizen Toxie t-shirt, Large
Toxic Avenger unrated directors cut
Best of Troma Dance
Escape from Hell
Killer Nerd & Bride of Killer Nerd
The Hall Monitor
Bloodsucking Freaks director's cut w/ commentary by Eli Roth
Cannibal! The Musical - made by the South Park guys
Hellblock 13
Unspeakable director's cut
Troma's Edge TV

Some other DVDs that might be of interest to this community...
The Blob 1958 version with Steve McQueen
Dune - 177 minute cut
Punishment Park
Born Innocent - teen linda blair raped in a juvie center
Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
Cecil B. Demented - John Waters film
Two Thousand Maniacs! - Herschell Gordon Lewis gore film

Low opening price, most already have bids though.
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