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thursday march 30th is.......re:zombified(x-posted)

A night of music, film, and.......zombies!

The "Re:Zombified" Troma fundraiser and zombie spectacular will feature the ferocious new Pakistani punk rock band The Kominas (http://www.myspace.com/thekominas)
, as well as the notorious Funeral Crashers (http://www.funeralcrashers.com/), plus The Automatons (http://www.masshorror.com/), The New Minority (http://www.myspace.com/thenewminority), Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys (http://www.sickabilly.com), BELL HOLLOW(HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE..COM/BELLHOLLOW) and DJs Lovecraft and Delicti.
 This wild 18+ event is just $7.00 and also boasts a midnight premiere screening of "Schizoid Sluts from Planet Fucktard."
Come dressed as a zombie and heck, you might just win a prize!
 Galapagos is located at 70 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More info at: http://www.galapagosartspace.com

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